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Innovative Clusters in the Kraków Metropolitan Area

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What are clusters?

Clusters are joint projects of related entities (companies operating in related sectors, business environment institutions, public institutions, NGOs, and research institutions) that simultaneously compete and cooperate with each other, using the synergy effect. Cluster initiatives are financed, among others, from public funds, as part of cluster development support programs. A cluster assumes geographical concentration and mutual cooperation.

Why is it worth creating clusters?

Thanks to the involvement of entities operating in different sectors it is possible to look from a broader perspective at the challenges concerning a given industry. This makes it possible to creatively create innovative solutions.

What clusters operate in the Kraków Metropolitan Area? 

The Kraków Metropolis area is an area of innovative cluster initiatives, which are an important stimulus for local development. On its territory function:

LifeScience Kraków Cluster:

The LifeScience Kraków Cluster comprises more than 70 private and public entities recruited from the biotechnology and life sciences sector, universities and research institutes, hospitals and other healthcare services, business support organizations and the government sector. Since 21 October 2016, the LifeScience Kraków Cluster has the status of a National Key Cluster. The project is coordinated by the LifeScience Kraków Cluster Foundation. The Municipality of Kraków is a partner of the LifeScience Kraków cluster, with which it cooperates, among others, in the organization of the most important conferences dedicated to the life-science industry in Poland.

Sustainable Infrastructure Cluster:

The Sustainable Infrastructure Cluster is a project jointly implemented by enterprises, scientific and research institutions and business environment institutions interested in the development, implementation and commercialization of innovative technologies in the field of construction and indoor automation as well as the promotion of green building in Poland. More than 130 partners cooperate in the initiative.

Cluster of Information Technologies in Construction:

The Cluster of Information Technologies in Construction is a network of cooperative links established at the initiative of several companies from the Małopolskie Voivodeship. The group of project initiators are people strongly related to the construction industry, IT and information technologies, for whom construction is not only work but also a passion. At present, BIM Cluster functions as an officially registered association of pro-innovative and highly specialized micro, small, medium and large enterprises from all over Poland, operating in the construction and ICT industries, as well as public institutions from the business and scientific environment supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in the Polish economy - almost 50 members in total.

South Poland Cleantech Cluster:

The mission of the Cluster is to support the sustainable and green growth of the region by participating in the creation and implementation of inclusive green growth policies that can improve the social situation of residents, promoting responsible management of natural resources and respecting the delicate balance on our planet. Cluster members include 80 companies and institutions mainly from Malopolska Region, but also from Silesia and other Polish regions.

Innovative Foundry Cluster:

The cluster brings together foundry related companies, business environment units and scientific institutions. The aim of the cluster is to create favourable conditions for the development of companies from foundry industry in the region by building a platform of cooperation in the scope of innovative foundry technologies, supporting companies from heavy industry, supporting entrepreneurship and innovativeness in the area of foundry and creating conditions for effective commercialization of research works results and combining and developing research, skills and qualifications in the field of foundry technologies. The coordinator of the cluster is the Technology Foundry Cluster Modern Cast Sp. z o.o.

Cracov Movies Cluster:

Cracov Movies Cluster (Krakowski Klaster Filmowy) is the home of film production from Malopolska. It brings together professional companies, organizations and artists from the film industry.It is also a platform for services, cooperation, information and promotional and educational activities. The cluster covers and ensures all stages of film production and brings together the best rental companies, line producers, production managers, location services, stage design, animation, video and sound postproduction. 

Intelligent Lighting Cluster:

The Intelligent Lighting Cluster brings together leading lighting companies and business environment institutions. The cluster brings together 31 lighting companies, 19 companies associated with the lighting industry, 6 R&D units and 7 business support institutions.

Małopolsko-Podkarpackie Clean Energy Cluster:

Małopolsko-Podkarpacki Klaster Czystej Energii (Małopolsko-Podkarpacki Klaster Czystej Energii) is an organisation established in 2006 at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków. It brings together 42 institutions: institutes of higher education, research institutes, public and private enterprises and Marshal Offices. The main aim of the Clean Energy Cluster (Klaster Czystej Energii) is to create a platform for exchange of knowledge and information between the scientific community, industry and local government organizations.